Saturday, 11 May 2013

Fitness Friday! I've reached my threshold

This is a quick post I want to put up to let people know what I've been up to this week in terms of fitness training. I did a lactate threshold test (to see details of how this works check the post lactate threshold) on Monday evening and I want to use my sores to show you how to work out your training zones. I use a 5 zone method of training and I fear things got a bit complicated in the post I mentioned above. These are my scores and zones.

Average heart rate over a 20min high intensity run 162bpm

162bpm + or - 3bpm equals zone 4. Anything above this is zone 5. Minus 20bpm + or - 3bpm from that and I have my zone 2. Anything below that is zone 1. And obviously the numbers between zone 2 & zone 4 are the values of zone 3.

Zone 5: 166bpm - 185bpm

Zone 4: 159bpm - 165bpm

Zone 3: 146bpm - 158bpm

Zone 2: 139bpm - 145bpm

Zone 1: 90bpm - 138bpm

I did four runs this week all in zone 1 or zone 2. Last week was similar running workouts. Now that I have the lactate threshold value I will start my specific marathon training program. My running will predominately be in zone 2 with specific efforts in zone 4.

I'll put my marathon program up as a blog post next week.